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Discussion just bought a valuejet 628


New Member
just bought a valuejet 628
were they released in 2014?
it appears mine has the original carts in it from 2014

there is an error, when initialising going to measure the media, the head kind of jams.
I have just taken the capping station from it and it appears on the near side the plastic pins the cap ride up on have both snapped
so the question - would this cause an overcurrent on the cr axis and it then fail to go and measure
It does move or did move over for cr maintenance.

second question, is there an updated version with steel pins and parts
printer is like new
I think over keen cleaning snapped them


New Member
hello its onyx 11.1
I have installed the valuejet status monitor
have 2 errors
1. no media loaded
2 . one black cartridge needs changing

would it fail to initialise if there is an empty cart in it?
I have now removed the capping station and the wiper
it still happens

the parts also feature on the twin head 1638's need the little plastic bit that bolds the cap
and the smaller bit that runs up the ramp


New Member
I am still having agro with the driver in onyx, says no .dll

I had rip centre for mutoh on the pc - version 11.0
then I installed 11.1rip-q for 628

I am not too concerned at the moment as I need to get the printer going
do I need to remove everything and start again.

I don't need the print-cut as I use summa / win plot