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Just got new CNC


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Having a ball playing, can hardly wait for the day when I know what the hell I am doing. :) Nice little table though, 4x8 with vac hold down


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So, what's a CNC router worth these days. Would love to get one, but I doubt I'll ever be able to afford one based on what I've seen them go for. The stuff you can do with them is AWESOME! Would love to hear what kinda things you are making with yours.


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We have a CNC router and I feel great knowing I can quote jobs in house now but its still very hard to beat Gemini on some stuff. We mostly router MDF, PVC, polycarv, lusterboard, and signfoam. Probably the best part of having a router is being able to cut shapes on lusterboard and MDO panels, my jigsaw lines were never spot on. lol

Dave Draper

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Do your homework if you really really want a router. They are not that expensive, financing is available, used ones are out there at great prices, and you can build your own.

1. For entry level routing, Shop Bots and Wart Hogs are within reach. Especially Shop Bots. And Shop Bot owners put on "camps", sort of like Letterhead meets, except they are called ShopBot Camps and everyone is welcome to come and swap ideas.

2. Big spenders can play golf with Multicam, and their entry level router for sign shops has a lot of bells and whistles not needed for smaller sign shops, that would be those not running the equipment 24/7 making trade show displays and such.

3. Then there is the Gerber Sabre, very overpriced, and out of reach for little sign shops, not that its any better or will do much more than a Shop Bot.

4. High school kids are putting CNC router kits together in their shop classes. (small table) but it can be done.

5. Ernie, now hanging round these parts, is building his own, I think. Im not that patient, don't have the time or mental discipline to do the study it takes to make it all work.

You may be closer to CNC than you think, ya never know till you try.


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Nice going.....you will do many cool things with it. It's a nice addition to a shop. I have had one for ten years.....DigitalTool . Works as good as the software that runs it. ProfileLab from CadLink ( SignLab) is a good one.

Vital Designs

Vital Designs
I have a practical CNC and it is quite affordable. I run both a router and a plasma cutter with it. For 3d routering I use v-carve from vectric. It is a great easy to use program, the price is affordable and the support is excellent.


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I love my AXYZ router and ArtCam software. It gives us a real advantage many times. We build our own channel letters and monument signs and I have learned to use it on redwood instead of sandblasting, and most any type dimentional project. I say get one if possible and if you need it.


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Way to go!

CNC's are great, we've had our Multicam with Artcam software for about 4 yrs. and have never regretted it. There is nothing like cutting out a shape in 10 min without touching a jigsaw. Good Luck!!!



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You're gonna love your CNC machine. I have a 4x8 table with ArtCam and v-carve from vectric. I believe Vectric has a free download on their web page, you'll like the simplicity of the program. They also have a forum that is very informative. Was lucky enough to meet the guys that developed the program at the ISA show this year, wonderful people and exceptionally helpful and knowledgable. Good luck and have fun!:thumb: