Just got the T-Shirt Scam


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Got a relay phone call and then an email from someone wanting 3000 t-shirts! Here is the Email:

Dear Jeff ,
I Am Mr.Harry Smith And I Will Like Order You Blank T-Shirts,Below Is The Type Of The T-Shirts That i wil Like to Order.....50%50 Fruite Of The Loom T-Shirts And The Size Sholud Be 1000 Pieces Of Small Size And Also 1000Pieces Of Medium Size.I will Like Colour Shold Be 1000Pcs Of Navy Blue Colour And Also 1000pcs of Brown Colour..Am Donating This To An Royal Orphanage Home,So Please,Go Ahead And Qoute me With The Total Price Of The 3000pcs Of The T-Shirts Exclude Shipping,I will Handle The Shipping My Self,And For The Payment I will Like to Pay Via My Master Credit Card For The Charges Of The 2000pcs Of The Blank T-Shirts..Also Provide me With your Name and Phone Number to Reach you for More Discussions Over This Order.Looking forward to hear from you soon..
Harry Smith

Wouldn't you think they would have much more success if they at least didn't speak in such broken english? It just seem to be such a dead give away.

Well I better quit typing and get them shirts ordered!:wink:


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Wouldn't you think they would have much more success if they at least didn't speak in such broken english? It just seem to be such a dead give away.

Well I better quit typing and get them shirts ordered!:wink:

Still though, it is better English than OldPaints :thumb: :rolleyes:


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I get this relay call about 4-5 times a year. I still don't see what they're trying to accomplish.

About 30 minutes later I got the same call again with a different operator! I just said "No thanks."

They probably were calling back to see why I hadn't replied to the email yet! :Big Laugh
Phone companies are now breaking in and warning you that these types of calls are red flagged and that they recommend ending the conversation. Does anyone know of someone getting screwed by these idoits?
I get em all the time, I asked where they were located and they said Gunie?
Then a lady stopped the call because it was deemed frodulent if you find a way to get em to stop calling let me know!!! I also got the email for 1000 banners that say I love you I told them I would get right on that,I will throw in free shipping because it was such a nice order...not ,these people suck
Ok I got the scam (3yrs later) i though they didn't think i was worthy lol...

They actually pay you for the job (stolen card) then have you use their "special shipper" to ship the merch. That they pay you with another card (stolen) but you have to send the money western union because their "special shipper" doesn't accept credit cards.

You have already been paid for the job right so what do you care, you foolishly take the second card and send money to the shipper only to find out down the road the cards are bogus and your out the shipping $$ and anything you spent if you actually do the job.

wow talk about getting screwed... I really hope nobody falls for this...


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You wonder how these people sleep at night being so crooked. They must have no conscience. Never respond to those idiots.

Si Allen

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Rex ... the sleep the same way that Executives that drive the corporation into the ground while they give themselves multi million dollar bonuses.

Just a lil smaller scasle.


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We get shirt scams from people using the tele-promt phone for blind people. They call about 4-5 times a years. I get's old.


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I dunno - it could be real.
Could a guy named "Mr. Harry Smith" really be a scam artist?
If that email came my way I'd have our head accountant, "Ms. Shirley Beaver" take a good look before it was sent to the trash bin.

wayne k
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I love getting phone scams and telemarkers. I time myself to see how long i can keep them on the phone. So far my record is 58 min.


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I got one from the Secret Service of a small African country saying I had 10 shipping containers that they wanted to ship to me. Give name address, and DOB. They would send them to me so we could split the contents.

My containers are still in Africa
I've gotten one that was very similar just the other day... except it was for Window Tinting,

This guy said he was in Florida, his cc was registered in Virginia and I traced his IP address to nigeria... what a crock... I would up talking to him for way too long and I got two credit cards from him and I called and reported them stolen. so there s two that he can use gone... i hope more people call about these guys

I told this guy it would be a total of $3,800 did he blink an eye?... no

here is his initial email to me... there were 16 after

Hello This is Desmond Kaite Can i speak with the owner or manager of the workshop and do u do Auto window tint,so I NEED YOU TO HELP ME TINT 3 FORD EXPLORER AND 2 ESCALLADE SUV TRUCKS AND I WILL LIKE YOU TO TINT THE WHOLE VEHICLE FOR ME,The vehicles is presently in NY with the shipping agent who is shipping it over here and we need to ship it back to my auto dealer company here for TINTING the vehicles and are 3 FORD EXPLORER AND 2 ESCALLADE SUV TRUCKS AND CAN I HAVE THE TOTAL COST OF 5 VEHICLES INCLUDING THE TAX IMPOSED ON IT,and i want you to know that we are selling this vehicle there in the state so i will need to back to your workshop and can i have your shop address and can you handle the Window tint for me,so those vehicle has no insurance and warranty and it will be delivered to you by next week monday and do u accept credits cards so get back to me as soon as possible

Kentucky Wraps

Kentucky Wraps
I like the ones where they want 2000 banners and offer up a credit card payment...without any interest in seeing a proof. Now THOSE are the guys I always like to do business with. :munchie:


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never heard of it... whats the scam?

They over pay to cover shipping for the goods with a stolen credit card and have you pay their shipping agent with your credit card or via western union and then no one ever shows up to pick up the goods and your money for the shipping is gone and the cc transaction they paid with gets charged back to you. If you used your credit card for the shipping then they steal that too.

Unless we actually know the person we never sell out of our area for anything except small orders. Anything that is heavy and will cost a lot to ship, no way. There are 30 companies selling t-shirts every 5 ft. Why would anyone come to me when they are not within the local area?