Just got the UCJV300-160 Need help with Registration Marks


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Hey Guys,

Just got the UCJV300-160. Need help with Registration Marks. I am having issues with registration marks. I apply for registration marks on Rasterlink 6 and 5 intermediate marks on the left and right side. Media I am using is Oracal 631 Removable Metallic Gold Matte 48" Inch roll. The roll is not that reflective. I have used rolls that are way more reflective such as Oracal 651 Metallic Gold Gloss 24" Inches and worked fine with the registration marks. This one is not working for me. I even applied the red fill around the marks through Rasterlink. I do the "MARK DETECT" in the cutting menu and reads the right side fine. After I do that the machine recognizes where that mark is and says the media is 39.1" Inches Width on Rasterlink, when the material is 48" Inches. I align the material to center always in the cutting options in Rasterlink. Maybe that is the issue? Once I go to Rasterlink and do "CUT ONLY" it reads the right side fine and then once it goes to the left side to read the registration there, it just goes past it and doesn't read it and I get a "Mark Read Error". Any help would be appreciated. Also bought up the sensor level up and down and nothing. Works best at sensor level 4.


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Where are your pinch rollers positioned? The mark detection function can get a bit wonky if the marks are outside of the rollers.