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Just had to say this........


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I called technical support at Summa today with a few questions about my D750 plotter, and in a world of lackluster customer service, I was very, very impressed with the help I received. The gentleman was extremely competent, knowledgable and more importantly THOROUGH. He brought my attention to all kinds of things I wouldn't have thought of.

I'm sure glad I didn't buy one of those Chinese junkers!
Although we have never looked for Summa issues - we did consider them, originally.

The key word is support. That is where it is at! Without support all products are junk. We are extremely lucky where as 99% of our suppport is local (even the Calgragh rep lives here :Big Laugh )

Today, many vendors are just resellers. The GOOD vendors know their products inside and out. Once upon a time, most vendors were "sign people" - not anymore.


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In addition, the plotter has been problem-free for 6 years, even to this day. My inquiry was for something else.


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...Without support all products are junk...

Twaddle. A product that does exactly what it's supposed to do and never fails is hardly junk and needs no support. Whereas a product that is so poorly executed that it requires more than token support is highly suspect as being junk. This statement is one of those things that sounds profound and doubtless will garner a room full of heads all nodding in agreement, but it is meaningless.

Unless by 'support' you really mean explaining the intricacies of the product to those who don't quite get it. While that might be seen as support in some circles, lack of understanding on the part of the user does not render the product junk.

Your point is taken BUT machinery is machinery, and even the best of products will eventually need service and/or support, in their lifetime. That is just a fact and thus the reason for words such as: warranty, defect, service, support, etc.

A product, any product, is only as good as the manufacturer and/or seller. The flip side would be having to purchase everything "AS-IS", which very few, including us will do. :)


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Check out my post a few days ago. I feel exactly the same as you do. Allen and Jason at Summa have been great to help me. I am definitely glad that I have my Summa.


Ron Helliar

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This was a positive post with a good experience with a vendor and this industry could use more of them regardless of the complexity of issue at hand.
Both Summa & Graphtec have my thumbs up for both equipment reliability & support as well.


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Lots of people with Chinese junkers can't even get the software working. If something is well designed and well made the suppliers will offer support- knowing that most customers won't have to use it- therefore not costing the supplier much money.

Cheap stuff usually doesn't come with support- I suspect the suppliers dont offer support cos they know at heart the machine is a pile of junk and they will be spending all their time on support issues.


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....another Summa Fan. Have had nothing but excellent service from several of their reps.


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I have a Chinese "junker". It seems to work just fine. It's fast and very accurate. I wish I could say it's quiet. It is made in an ISO 9002 approved facility (Desay). Came with Flexi software. The supplier/dealer in Montreal was very helpful and supportive when I called (toll free) about a small problem.

The scary part about the Chinese stuff....it keeps getting better and better. We won't have any manufacturing expertise in N. America soon...

I suspect that the Chinese bashing is more about this fear than the products themselves.



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jbennet: yes, it was Allan that I was speaking to at Summa.
Again, it was his thoroughness that was outstanding. It's a rare find these days.