Just handrolled 30 yards of IJ35-C

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54 inch...came in this morning to see it unspooled in a pile on the floor...

At the end of the day I just open the pinch rollers so they don't get a flat spot and just let the material drop. There was never any sense taking it off the printer because we would just use it in the morning.
Never did I think this would happen, let alone with a half roll.

I tell you it is a great workout that only gets harder as you get more tired.

Plus side is I think it is straighter that it was factory rolled.


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It will probably be contaminated with dust etc from the floor. Thankfully if it is, it's just IJ35c & not a more expensive vinyl.
Once we received a roll of IJ680CR that had been dropped by UPS on one end; had to use it for a job that same day.
Had to unwind the entire roll and roll it backwards on another core so that the end with the hump was on the far side of the printer & wouldn't headstrike...