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Just joined!


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Hi, Richard from beautiful Southern California (Tujunga, CA). Just bought a small 24in cutter (Graphics One GO SignCutter) for my 3 teenage boys to get them learning a trade and how to manage a business. Must say I'm learning a few things myself along the way! Just thought I'd say hello and I'm certain, from reading some fo the threads in the different forums here, it will be worth the time to be a member here.



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:Welcome: Richard... I wish my dad did that for me when I was a teenager, I would have an established business by now. But I cant complain because he helped me get my Bachelors degree in graphics :cool:


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Hmmmm you just gave me an idea!!! I have a spare cutter and 2 boys who are always wanting money to support their Fishing habbit!!! May just have to set them up!!:Big Laugh


Fred Weiss

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Hey send your kids down here ... I'll teach them to weed vinyl. No charge for the lessons and practice either.