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Suggestions just replaced print head colors are off SP300V


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I replaced my black print head and I felt like all the adjustments spot on.( attached) now my reds are orange and a little grainy as well as yellows. I just noticed the test print top half M is shifted to right,(attached)
circled pictures are final adjustment
looking for a little help please


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Probably have to do detailed Calibration test print and fix all of them. When we did a black head swap we had to physically adjust all the heads before we did all calibrations. For whatever reason it threw them all off. I think they all go off the adjustment of the black head.


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ok M and Y head was off did detailed calibration and replaced that cap top with OEM other is new, red is better but not like it use to be,Wolly mention degrading is that what is going on with M far right column looks a bit squiggly


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well done thats a lot better but being really picky could go a whisker more. by degrading i mean look at the definition of the black lines compared to magenta this is age or maintenance related, as you have just done new cap top check its sealing 100%. double check the pump action it may start to clear its self. a long soak my help.