just started using vs640 - metallic on SIHL?

Hi Guys, is it possible to achieve a metallic/shiny looking silver on a SIHL 6329 stock (pull up banner), or is it always going to look quite dull? i'm not sure if i have set it up correctly, but what came out looked almost like no metallic ink was used!

just started playing with the machine, the guy who sold it to me is not answering his phone, typical! once they have their $$$ they forget about you.


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You should be able to if your printer is setup with the white and silver inks. Also you need to use profile for that setup. If you use a CMYK profile only i dont think it will print any white or silver. Also you should know how to setup your files before print in your design software.
Do you know how to use this printer at all, or are you learning?
Thanks Tomence, well just started using the printer for about 3 days, i know you have to select the exact Metallic Spot Colors from the design software ( in my case Adobe Illustrator), and it finds them in Versaworks, the profile might be where the problem is, as I was never given the correct profile for using the SIHL 3629 stock, i ended up just using a Profile for Avery 3000 (MT), which is of course a bit different still, perhaps i should search for a better profile!


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The profile doesn't have to be exactly for SIHL, you just have to find a profile that works.


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Tomence is correct, I have always said for years now, to many profiles to choose from.

Find one that works all around and stick with it.
My favorite is either GCVP or Premium Cast Vinyl.

Now for your Metallic issue, obviously you have figured out that the profile must have the MT abbreviation next to the name, but also you need to select the correct print mode, basically telling the printer which inkset to use when printing that job (ie CMYKLcLmMT). Are you using the Roland Metallic color? You can also print the color swatchs for the Metallic table in VW. Click on Media/and selct which Metallic chart you want to print.

Make sure to set your default color settings in VW prior to running this palettes.

Edit/Queue A settings

I will provide my favorite settings and see if they work for you.

Quality Tab-For CMYK printing- GCVP Profile
For CMYK + Metallic- GCVP MT
For CMYK + White- Clear Static Cling MT

Choose your correct print mode from the MODE menu

Halftone- Select Error Difussion (v) (Note: works for most applications, sometimes lighter blues will appear grainy, if this happens just select DITHER)(( Use Dither if printing White))

Color Management- Sign & Display- Click Properties button and select perceptual in the raster dropdown, and put a check in Use embedded ICC profile bottom left--Click OK

Click on the File Format tab

EPS Margin: .005

Put a check in Spot Colors and Special Colors

Click on Printer Controls Tab

Media Feed Calibration- Select Use Printer Settings in dropdown

Heaters- Custom in drop down- Print 35-Dryer 50

Click OK

Let me know if these help you...been using these settings for customers for a year or so, usually works great!