Just updated cpu to Windows 7, now I can not cut on the sp-540


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My old computer crashed, so I bought a new one with windows 7. I then had to update versaworks to 3.2.1. I copied the new cut contour swatch to AI. It shows up in AI as a cut contour but when I open up the file in Versaworks it does not recognize the cut path and just prints the file. Any ideas on what I did wrong. Thanks in advance for the help. Tech support is closed now and I really need to get this project done tonight.



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I'm not familiar with Versaworks but I am running windows7 x64 without issue.

Is Versaworks opening the AI file or an exported EPS or PDF? You might try saving the AI file AS an older version and try again. I don't see how Win7 is the issue but maybe Versaworks is pulling some tidbit of file info or reading the file slightly differently in Win7 than XP. Trying to import it as a different format may bypass that issue.