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Need Help JV 33 drop position cant be set well


New Member
Hello there,

we changed the print head (genuine) and tried to adjust all whats needed.
Unfortunately its impossible to set the drop position correctly.
Its possible to adjust +50 and -50, but I would need something around +70 or so, +50 is still far out of alignment.
Usually we print with head in high position, but head down dont make any significant difference.
With the old head setting was no problem.
Another thing I am wondering.
See picture enclosed, the printing lines are not straight but bended. Strange, havnt seen before.

Any ideas to solve this are highly welcome.

drop position.jpg


New Member
I would guess that the head isn't seated properly. It's worth checking by popping it out then back in again.
They are a tight snug fit and need to basically click down into place.


New Member
Hi Neil,

thanks for your reply, I checked and all is fine.
I send pictures to the supplier and await his reply, will post if there is a solution found.