JV-33 weird water-based ink problem


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I'm having this strange printing on 2 Mimaki JV33-160s. These machine are running water-based dye-sub ink thru 3rd party CISS ... and works well for months. (I'm running double CMYK config, 540x720dpi, bi-directional, 6 passes)

However, when I tried printing a job with very heavy magenta fill (around 60-70% of the area, 1.5m left to right)... the machine with print well for 1-2 meters in "fast printing" mode, then the right hand-sided magenta head will suddenly run out of ink ... it will look like clogging head on the nozzle test, but perfectly whole head or half head at a time ... and needed to be re-"fill up" to get to work again.

It is quite interesting that I've no such problem in other color like heavy blue before... it is only magenta ... on the same side of head, on both machine ! And if I tick off the "fast printing" mode, they will print much longer, up to 8-10 meters, and have this problem again.

Would anyone kindly suggest me what to look for ?