JV3 160sp display screen help


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The printer suddenly stopped and shut down in the middle of a print. Didn't have a surge or power outage. Restarted and the display screen was unreadable. Was able to get the printer printing blindly (have mesmerized the pad). Printed fine and after 30min the screen came back on but only about 50% brightness. It has sat over night now without any change. ANY IDEAS.


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Now I also realize that its not just dim but where there should be #'s it is showing weird symbols. Really Need help with this one!!!!


power off and unplugged, remove the RHS cover and unplug the screen/keypad and replug it.

While you have the RHS cover off, do the same at the other end of that cable at the control board round the back, located above the ink cartridges.

Can't say that will work, but it'd be the first step(s) I'd try...

Next would be the other end of the control cable at the main board

peace out