JV3-250 wiper error


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Not sure if anyone else has run into this, but I'm getting a wiper error that's preventing me from printing. It actually used to pop up intermittently, but one press of the enter button and I got past it. Sort of like a glitch. But now, it's erroring out at a point where I can't even get a test print run. The heads are prepped to print as usual, but when the wiper comes out it freezes and the wiper error displays. Then it's back to square one with roll / sheet and media measurement.

Any help would be appreciated. FWIW, it's a JV3-250 retrofitted for dye-sub.



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Look if there is a build up of ink inside the wiperstation.
JV3 can have issues with ink build up on the belt that moves the wiper.

If this is the case, you can remove the wiper station and clean the whole thing. This should take up about 1 hour.

The wiperstation is attached with 3 screws at the bottom of it.

Be careful, to completely remove the station you have to disconnect it too.

good luck


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In the JV3 series, one of the first checks it does on bootup is checking the wiper, if the wiper won't move, the system errors out and won't continue.

Try this;

turn off your printer
manually move the carriage assembly to the left past the wiper station
manually pull the wiper forward to see if it will move at all
Inspect wiper belt
Inspect wiper rails ( clean if necessary using solvent cleaning solution)
Move wiper back and forth, feeling for resistance ( if you have resistance, most likely there is an ink build up on the gears underneath)
grab a flashlight and look inside wiper station and try to find the microswitch that's inside, make sure that it isn't stuck in either the engaged or disengaged position ( just make sure the switch will make contact and release)

If all else fails, call your service tech, removing the wiper station and rebuilding it, should take about 60-90 minutes (depending on your tech)

If you don't have a tech drop me a line and I'll see if I can get someone to come out and help you.


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Appreciate the input! It was definitely ink buildup, but I managed to get it cleaned out without having to remove the entire wiper station.

Thanks again!