For Sale JV33-130 for parts or repair


Located in West Columbia, SC 29169. Can help load in a truck (not going to try and build a crate though). Have a lot of various spare parts to go with it as well including a Triangle bulk ink system (the good 2 liter ink bag type), EasyResetV, etc. It has been sitting unplugged for a couple of years. The printhead is shot and it needs an XY motor (will run but the bearings are squealing). It "could" be fixed back up with a new head, motor, aggressive flushing of lines, etc as well. Was working but the printhead was about gone, then the one motor went out in another we had at the time so we robbed it of its motor (did put the squealing one into it) and gave up as we really did not need it anymore. I'll have to look and locate the other spare parts we have like new OEM dampers, the long front optional fan module, etc and take some photos.