JV33-160 Dye Sub - Heat Press

Hello all! I have heard that there is a company out there offering the Mimaki JV33-160 modified and set up to run Dye Sub with a heat press built onto it? I cant find this setup anywhere, but was told that it is available. Anyone know where or who is doing this conversion.

I was looking into the Mutoh conversion offered by Graphics One but it is 4-color and the Mimaki is 6 color.

Robert M

New Member

Try looking at the Mimaki TX400-1800D
it is an 8 color dye sub that now has a front end heat fuser.
Shot me a pm and I will get you a spec sheet
Thanks Robert! I saw that machine and would love to have it, but we are a startup and the cost for that machine is out of my range of financing.

The one I have heard about is in the $35- $40K range. And that is really where I need to be.