JV33-160 questions


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I have a couple questions reguading a different topics.

1) How often should the dampers be changed out? It was my understanding that these should be taken out if they start to fail, but is there some rule of thumb.. say annually or something that its best to replace them all? I am always lothe to take parts out of these machines. Also, since I have not done so before on this model, what is the best way to remove and replace them? Is there anything special I need to know about the pressurized damper system? (last thing I need to do is mess something up)

2) Is there any sort of chart for the mimaki that indicates the best heater/drying conditions for various materials (banners, differnent vinyls etc)? I cant seem to get an answer from the people who sold us the mimaki's.


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Regular maintenance which includes the dampers and capping station is really dependent on usage.

As for material settings, your best bet is to check with the material manufacturer. Many have downloadable spec sheets with just that information.