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Jv33 prints still poor?

SameDay Signs

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Still having issues w our jv33....as shown in pic below there is a black fuzz or overspray on almost everything...nozzle tests are good, I've tried multiple profiles and a couple are better but print the black as a lighter grey? Capping station replaced recently and pumps, dampers replaced yesterday yet we still have thisnissue... we put a heater to raise humidity so it's not as cold but still happening

Weve never had this issue before and I am lost on how to fix it....desperately asking for help so we can continue to print

Thanks in advance


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SameDay Signs

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A heater will actually decrease humidity. You need a humidifier to raise humidity.
Finally fixed it and most will never believe what it was....so somehow even though i changed black damper it was a blue damper that had an issue...when you look at the bottom of a damper there is like a rubber seal in where you plus it in at sitting it down...that seal was completely broken off..once fixed prints alike a charm again lol