JV33 Pump Question

Andrew Signs

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Hi All,

Ok, so I've searched around all night trying to see if anyone has an answer to this.

One of our JV33s is running into some issues with colour drop one long run full colour prints (imagine 20m of yellow we might get a drop slightly in colour).

Print is all new parts (head, dampers, caps, lines etc).

Only this left in question was the pump/pump set up.

My question is this. When I look at our other machines the pump is configured so the sliding piece (which engages when the pump is turning over) falls in a downward direction. On this machine the pump configuration is backwards to this, so when it engages the sliding piece has to go up.

What I am questioning is firstly, why is this one backwards? Secondly will this affect the compression as the slider doesn't seem to go all the way up in the same fashion as is doesn't when going downwards.

To confirm the motor behind it is also justified to the other side to match the pump being backwards to the other printers.

Any information would be really appreciated!


Andrew Signs

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Sorry, too add:

I have replace the pump this morning with a back up one and confirm it holds pressure and then pumps through on a pump wash etc.

Also, I feel as if our other JV33s pumps on the other printers engage a lot more throughout printing...is there a setting for this to up it?
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Mimaki pumps will go bad. The backwards thing, they are universal, so the direction doesn't matter.

Million dollar question is, what ink are you using?