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JV5 is coming...

Scott Reynolds

New Member
Mimaki's JV5 is coming...

Ive been calling around looking for the best price on a new JV3 160sp, and found out the JV5's with 8 print heads are getting ready to ship to the US in 2-4 mouths. :thumb:

Im going to the ISA to check it out and finalize my order. I was thinking, mybe we could get a group of Signs101er's together for lunch? Fred, you know of any good restaurants around Orlando? :biggrin:
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Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
That sounds like a good idea. I will have to research it but if anyone attending the show wants a gettogether, we'd probably do best to pick a spot at the expo and go from there. Have you made any hotel reservations yet?


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If you want a seriously good restaurant you have to go to one of the Texas De Brazil restaurants. Here in Texas it is called Texas De Brazil, but Orlando does have one not sure if it is still called Texas or Orlando De Brazil. It is an upscale restaurant however, it is casual dress. Here is their website :

Texas de Brazil

Also if you are into Japanese you must go to Arigato's Japanese Steak House.