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Kinda like Brush Script


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:design: Not my design (if you can call it that)!

I've drawn a blank on this one but I beleive it's a Gerber supplied font because of where the customer had the work done previously. The closest I can come up with is Brush Script but the brush terminations are rounded where the terminations in Brush Script are sharp points.

Any ideas Fred?


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Steve C.

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There is another Brush Script ripoff called Signature, Could that be it? If not, you can probably edit Brush Script enough to pass. I've found many customer aren't real particular as long as it's close.

Fred Weiss

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It appears to be Gerber's Brush Script which uses closed shapes. They have a second version termed "connected" which uses open shapes to do the connecting and then a left and right close shape vector. It was originally released by them in 1984 or 1985 and is included with every copy of Graphix Advantage and Omega.

Your version looks like some slant and expansion has been added.


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Again Fred,

I've searched for a while for this one and knew you would have the answer, I just hate asking before doing a little research on my own. Many thanks!


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I'll remember that for future designs, I always wondered if they would compliment each other.


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I should have waited to open this one . . . I knew it, I knew it, I knew it . . . . now there's milk all over the keyboard and up my nose. Golly geee, thanks Fred.


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fred its not from presque isle....ill bet the owner is one of them good old boys from WASHBURN(place sorta like where the DUKE's lived ...from the DUKES OF HAZZARD)hehehehehehehehehehehe


Your right Fred it looks like brush script conected on my gerber sprint at abouy a 12 degree angle. the letters would have had to been cut indvidualy to keep them from being conected though.