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Knife Offset


Just Me
I have a Master's 24" cutter. Haven't had a bit of problem with it so far. But I was cutting thermo today and noticed some smaller letters aren't cutting square corners like it should. I opened the plotter prefs and the knife offset was on.30mm and 45 degrees... Can anyone explain to me how the Knife offset works and what it affects? The manual is worthless.
Any other suggestions? And please... no responses like "get a real cutter..." I'm already saving for one!


New Member
The offset is the distance of the cutting edge to the center of the holder. This distance varies on different degree knives and depth settings. When you do a test cut and the corners or start stop positions are off you compensate for these through the knife offset. This offset can be positive or negative depending on what is occurring, this setting will compensate for the blade (knife) not being centered in the pen/blade holder. A pen is always centered in the holder. I hope this helps. I think you want a positive offset to correct your problem.



New Member
If corners are rounded you need to increase the offser, If they are turning out with too much of a point you need to decrease the offset. The angle setting shpuld match the angle of the blade you have installed in the plotter. Hope this answered you question.