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Lambretta Font


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Hi, I thought it would be easy to find this typeface - I'got "ferro Rosso" - but need something closer?


  • lambretta-logo.jpg
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Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
The lettering is part of a custom logo, not a font. Chances are good there is a Labretta corporate PDF (brochure, annual report, etc) containing a vector-based logo that can be snagged easily.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
asapsingsfl1 said:
That logo is on Brands of the World as an EPS file...

I really don't like Brands of the World. I've seen way too many logos on that site which were re-creations by fans or whoever and not authentic company logos. I've warned my own co-workers not to use that site for any actual jobs.

For any kind of significant brand, such as Subway for example, I prefer getting authentic art files, brand guidelines, color specs, etc from the client. It might seem like an unnecessary pain to get the corporate artwork handled correctly before the sign goes into production. But it's a good insurance plan against a fiasco weeks or months after a finished sign is installed. I've been in the sign business long enough to see sign companies have to remove signage that violated a company's brand standards. My company has actually scored replacement signage jobs because another outfit didn't take handling the company branding work seriously.

At best, I could only use a file from Brands of the World as a place-holder until legitimate, verified authentic artwork was obtained. For many brands it's just as easy to find a legit vector logo in a corporate PDF. That can at least get the project rolling in the right direction.