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laminate is too thick


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Hi, I use substance 6 mil vinyl and 15 mil over laminate and I make decals for football helmets. I tried putting some decals on a helmet, but the vinyl/laminate is too thick and doesn’t bend/form to the football helmet. It bubbles up and won’t stay to the helmet. Is there any other laminate you would recommend to use for my decals? I know convex has some vinyl and laminate but it is very expensive. Thanks


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You need to use calendered vinyl and laminate for your application. And yes, this media is not cheap.


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Without knowing what you use... Have you tried using heat to apply them?

And I believe frank mistyped... He means cast, not calandered.

Corwin Steeves

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6mil is too thick and 15 mil is waaaaay too thick. You don't need to use a cast IMHO. A basic 3-4mil calander PSV with a 3-4 mil lam would be just fine. All cheap cheap. I would think that a 15mil lam would be fairly expensive??


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Your using the right material just need to use heat to apply. The thinner materials are easier to apply to the helmets but will not hold up as long to the abuse.


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The standard material for sports helmet decals is Convex. It uses regular 4 mil vinyl to print on and 12 mil laminate. The combination you are using is too thick if you can't get it to conform to the helmet. People may ask for thicker decals, but on a helmet that gets collision contact, the thicker edge can lead to easier peeling.

You don't need cast material for helmet decals. In fact, it's too thin, soft, and too easily damaged.



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Try General Formulations GF213, 3.75 mil and semi rigid but still flexible enough. For Rocket League Football it holds up well, not sure about the big boys.