Laminators in the shop area


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Does anyone have there laminator in the warehouse/shop area of their office? How do you deal with dust?

We currently have ours in the office part, but it's taking up too much space. I was wanting to move it out to the warehouse, but it gets dusty back there since there are small gaps on the side of the rollup door. Do you just cover up the laminator when not in use?


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I have a warehouse space with a roll-up door that has some gaps. I keep my laminator to the back of the space, farthest from the door and use a static lint sheet to wipe down the prints as I'm lam'n. I don't really have a problem with dust build-up. When it's not in use I do cover it. I also try to sweep the floor once a week or so.


Our laminator is in the production area where it for the moment is quite dusty, but I've found out that if we get contamination on the laminated prints it's coming from the printed media, not from the laminator. Usually it comes if someone unrolls the print from the take-up for some reason and isn't wiping it off before lamination. We cover up the laminator (and printers) to the weekends. I don't think you need to worry too much about the dust. If you keep it webbed and unused for a few days you could run a few feet to get fresh laminate before starting the lamination just to be safe.


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Our laminator is in our production area with our printers. Dust is so hard to keep under control. We try hard to keep fabrication out of this area and clean as often as possible. As we run prints through the laminator we use microfibers on the prints to collect as much dust and debris as possible, but you never perfect.


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I use swiffer to clean while its feeding in. My guess is the dust comes in while we outgass on the table overnight, so i pre-swiffer everything while still flat on table, and then roll up, feed it thru the laminator and swiffer again while its feeding.


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Laminator is kept in a separate area that is cleaned regularly by staff, and nightly by a large air filter. The filter is on auto shut off so the environment can settle down for a couple hrs before day shift. Humidity is also kept higher in that area to weigh down the dust. Dry lint-free cloth wipes prints as they enter.


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Same here.

I use a paper towel and wipe down every inch of prints as they go through.

same here, i keep the paper towels on the roll and just use the roll and my swifter