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Large Banner Questions

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I had a call from a customer this morning about getting a large vertical banner made for outside their business. They want a Breast Cancer Awareness banner for the month of October (last minute decisions I guess). They apparently have some tall poles to hang it from, but they want the banner to be 4 ft wide and 20 ft tall. I've never made a banner that large before so I thought I better ask some questions. (1) Will my 13 oz vinyl with hems be good enough quality to last for the month, being outside and that large of banner? (2) What are ideas to charge for something like this? I usually charge $5 sq. ft but this seems like a lot more involved than most others I have done. To date the largest I've done is 4 ft by 8 ft., so any ideas and suggestions are welcome! Oh...since it's last minute, I need to get back with them ASAP..probably today! haha..thanks!


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That will all be fine. $5 sqft would be a bit higher for us on that square footage, but if you can get it. Great!

Edit: Whoa. I kind of skimmed through that. Glanced over the fact that it was 4w x 20h between two poles instead of 4h x 20w on a wall or something. That banner will get about 15.35 lbf/ft2 in 75mph winds. So make sure the poles are strong enough and that the mounting hardware is good for that too.
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13 oz will hold up fine. Back in my print shop days we made a 5' x 25' banner that hung below a billboard. It was up for about a month and was fine when we took it down.


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yeah that'll be more than enough. make sure on the install that their system is not essentially making a sail though. without that, you may have a shredded banner, especially in inclement weather. wind slits may help there.