Large hoodie backs question...


This one is kinda directed at you Wild West! I know you're the embroidery guru around here, and maybe the only one watching this forum haha!

But anyway I was wondering if anyone had any tips on embroidering large backs of hoodies. I've got it nailed down really well and doing some cool work with twill applique, kind of like a sports jersey. But my main question/problem is that someone has to babysit it while it runs as to avoid the bottom of the hoodie getting pulled/caught up above the arm, resulting in the hoodie being sewn shut and ruined. We have a similar issue on sleeves. The design is so large that when the machine moves from one end of the design to the other the back side gets jammed between the arm and the hoop and it sews itself shut. So right now we just babysit it and manually keep it from happening. I've tried rubber banding the excess underneath and it sorta helps but not really. I thought about clipping some weight to the bottom but that might be a bad idea with all the movement as well. So wondering if anybody (hint hint WildWest) has a trick to help, thanks!