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Question Larger ink cartridges for the 115


New Member
I can't for the life of me figure out why the larger 775ml cartridges wont fit the HP Latex 115 unit. The slides where you install the cartridges are only half full with the tiny 400ml cartridges sitting in them. Can someone confirm that the 775ml cartridges for the 300/500 series will fit and work with my 115

I tried to search this forum for the answer and the keywords were to small to search.

Also., is there a way to use the even larger boxes of ink that the 500 Hp latex printer can use? I didnt know if someone had a aftermarket kit that allowed the use of the big boxes of ink.


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Will not work. Could be that they fit mechanically, but wont be recognized as valid ink. Different product numbers.

Who in the world will buy a Latex 115 for print volumes where the 3-Liter-Ink boxes of the 570 makes sense?


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They do fit. The latex 100 are the same machine as the 300. Only difference is the ink... You pay less upfront, but pay more for ink.

There is no way to change it to allow it to use the bigger ink though. At least not that's publicly known.


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At least the cartridges as coded (they have a chip in them) so even if they fit the printer won't work with them. This is the idea with different models and price points.