Latest One

I had this test stitch done yesterday afternoon actually. People are supposed to come by Monday to see how it looks and what all they want it on. I think it would look good on atleast the back of a shirt (dammit I'm going to sell one of those 14x14 stitchouts even if it kills me). Although it's small, that little booger is still a lot. Almost 30k stitches and about 50 min stitch time. 9 different colors.

Let me know what y'all think.

pushing and pulling are the biggest problem areas. My test fabrics because they are thinner material(I'm not going to use the good stuff for a test stitch) there is a little "bunching" particularly with step stitching (type of stitching down for the brown in the bull and the red ring) versus satin stitching(text and the grills). You either stabilize the hell out of it with the test stitch or do a thicker better quality fabric. I opt to use the thinner stuff and just stabilize the hell out of it as it's cheaper then a more expensive fabric, but it allows me to see the patter stitched out and tweak it if need be. You can only simulate the pattern so much on the computer program.

"Bunching" will usually occure around the edges of step stitching(or in general poorly stabilized fabric). That can be text or a graphic element(as it is in this case).