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Latex printing on Mirror sustrait


New Member
Hello, I was asked today by a customer about printing on “One way” Mirrored film, I’m not aware that such a product exists. The reason is for Security, It’s a part of an ER room at a Hospitol where they require one way visibility for security personnel to quickly gage a situation while also accommodating privacy, Rooms in both sides of glass are very brightly lit so perferated films are out, Also out are dusted films. Is there a Mirrored film that can be printed on ? Better yet a Security mirrored film that can be direct to print, Solvent, Latex or UV ?

Christian @ 2CT Media

Active Member
One way mirror only works when the viewer side is darker than the viewed side. You can print on tint with the latex but it is very fickle and unless you have a R Series you won't have white so your colors will be muted.