Learning to wrap?


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Does anyone know where I might take a wrap class in the Atlanta, GA area. I'm not sure that I will ever actually do any full wraps. But I'd like to learn the basics. Especially the window perf stuff. Any help would be appreciated!

Kentucky Wraps

Kentucky Wraps
You may need to take a road trip to a course, but they're out there. Every vinyl manufacturer has their own trainings as well as a few independent installation institutions.


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The Wrap experts classes do look a lot more hands on.
Might be worth every penny.
Has anybody taken a class?

Yes I have. some of the few top guys in the industry. And worth every penny including airfare/hotel etc. Avery certification? They can prep you for 3m cert if that's what your after. Of course someone new here recently just took the 3m cert and passed with flying colors. Tell Robbie & Dean Cheap says hi!