LED Certified installer

Anyone taken this class? We are interested in doing it, because one of our customers requires certified installers only.

Any feedback?
Never heard of it.

Maybe UL CL MET or another listing service and maybe even licensed electrician. Must be a brand thing.

Inquiring minds want to know.
We do contract work for United Oil, who controls several brands of gas stations in our area. They want us to be their installer of LED price signs...but they MUST be certified to do it.

United Oil is offering to pay for this class...but we are just curious about it.

Here is a copy of a portion of the email I received from the company that does the certification.

Good Afternoon! I received your message of interest in becoming a BP
LED Certified Installer. BP requires that a BP LED Certified Installer
is contracted to perform installation of the LED Gas Price Digits in
order to maintain the 3 year warranty. The cost of the certified
training at our facility in Altoona, PA is $1500 (plus traveling
expenses) which includes our LED Service Kit. This is total (not per
person) for up to 3 installers attending. The training time is 9 a.m. to
roughly 12 noon/1pm with lunch provided.