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Led gas sign cabinet help needed.

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I am currently bidding a gas price sign and I'm in need of some assistance. There is a 76 x 66 7/8 light box already mounted and I'm trying to figure out a way to mount 8 12" watch fire gas price signs 4 on each right side with the grades on the left. What are some ways i can mount the up there without having to put up a new box cabinet?


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If I understand you correctly:

You want to remove the existing slide on numbers/face/cabinets, and then add Watchfire digital (EMC) modules on in their place?

Do 2 modules fit back to back and vertically within the existing cabinet with the required space needed to service it?
Can you modify the existing cabinet to allow them to fit?
...if not... new cabinet.

The issue I see is, maybe you are not adding square footage, but you are adding a considerable amount of weight. I would get an engineer to see if the existing can even withstand the revision to the existing post.

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Yes remove the extruded sign face and replace it with the panels.
Yes i can fit them back to back. The only way i can think of modifying it would be to weld dividers in place to hole each insert. Each led sign weights 20 pounds. So thats a additional 160 pounds of weight. I would be more worried about the cabinet giving then the pole