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LEF20 not finishing task and just pauses freezes with uv lamp on


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I have a Roland LEF20 that hasn't really been used in last 2 months. Its been on and inks have been shaken once a week and cleanings once a week. Also recirculated inks. Went to print something and even a test print and the head just freezes after a few passes and nothing will get it back into action unless you cancel the task and restart printer. The test prints look just fine even thought it doesn't finish them. it will print the first set of bars and then wont print the second set of bars on the test print. Once or twice it finished the test print with all bars but the machine basically froze and didn't acknowledge the test print was complete. If i send a actual job to the printer, it does a few passes and then just freezes with the uv lamp on. I've done a normal head cleaning on both A and B. I've also done a maintenance cleaning with swabs. I'm not that familiar with the machine but own multiple other Roland non UV ink machines. Anyone have any idea? Thank you


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I have an A3 UV printer that I purchased from IEHK. I am struggling to get it to print properly and currently have two flashing red lights. Does anyone can anyone help?