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Let's EARN something today



I get frequent motivational advice from a motivational speaker i have followed for half a decade. He sends out a mailing list blast to those on his list. They are always uplifting and really make you think differently. This one in particular is so true!

I received this this morning...

When people envy financially successful people
they often say, "All he thinks about is money."

But the opposite is true.

What he is actually thinking about is creative
work and service... innovation and relationships.
Exciting new projects and new people to serve.
That's all he is thinking about. And the money
comes in because people have been served.

So it is NOT true that all he thinks about is
money. He is actually thinking about the actions
that earn money.

The person who is struggling with money,
who never has "enough" money, is actually the
person we are talking about... he is the person who
is always thinking about money. It becomes an

It's a simple mind shift to turn the whole game around.

Let's EARN something today