Letting others do our advertising

grampa dan

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It has long been my view that advertising in the magazines, newspapers and TV is best done as editorial. I don't read many ads and I suspect most other folks are the same. We will purposely do more work on select projects to create eye candy that is newsworthy. If we are doing a big lift, installation or unveiling we will stage it in a fashion that makes the news. When noteworthy projects are done we send out press releases with pictures of course. Often the result is a story in the press. And it is coverage I could scarcely afford to buy!

The press exposure good for us and our clients.

With the MultiCam office project we pulled out the stops to make it extremely visual. As the project progressed we added more than we originally signed up for, with the goal of creating a project that would be a wonderful new showcase of our work.

Now the project is done and the word is getting out there - with a little help from us along the way as noted above. And it is working! SignCraft will be featuring the project soon. A trade magazine out of Germany followed my writings on the MultiCam blog and is doing a feature on the project. Today we received notification that a Canadian metalworking trade magazine picked up the story for a short feature in their printed version and also a bigger piece in their online version... http://www.canadianmanufacturing.com/metalworking/news/multicam’s-“disneyland”-20565

It is a great way to advertise without a doubt and well worth the extra effort we put in.

-grampa dan


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You're dead on with that Dan. I used to design and manufacture R/C plane kits. I would design a new plane and sell a construction article and plans rights to one of the big model mags. (Usually got 600 to 800 for the article) Then I would sell parts to the guys who bought the plans from the mag. Stuff like cowls and wheel pants... and decal sets. When that slowed down I'd release a full kit and send a free one to the bigger mags to review. Worked a treat.

I've been bugging signcraft lately.... Got one article published so far.