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LexedgeII problems...


New Member
I am printing a 4 colour job on lexedgeII. The stickers are ovals, 50 at 7" and 50 at 5". After a couple test and some pulled hair, I ran the 7" ones and ended up with a slight off set cut. It was minimal so I went ahead and resized the file to output the 5" ones. The offset became extremly worse. I have tested other decals on different materials to see if it is the cutter but have had perfect cuts with everything else I throw at the machine. I then checked the file and nothing is visibly wrong with it. After many failed attempts I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and if so what the solution was?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Speaking for myself, I've never had a good result with LexEdge and pretty much just laminate regular prints with Lexan laminates to achieve the same kinds of results without the headaches. For the best answers to this and your Maxx question, I'd recommend that you go to 4edgetalk.com and pose them there. You can also do some searches on both LexEdge and the Maxx to find a number of post on both. Registration is required but is free and you are required to use your real name.

Good luck.