Light Magenta out of registration on XC-540


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I' m trying to solve light magenta being out of registration. So far I can get away, but it bother me a lot. I'm using Roland Soljet Pro III XC-540. It looks like my light magenta is out of registration (side to side). I did adjust misalignment in bidirectional printing but with no luck. On busy prints you can not tell it, but for example if printing blue type on white bkgd light magenta shows is out of registration. It looks like this happened after I moved printer to different location. Any suggestions, Thanks a lot


Ian Schofield

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Mark did you figure out this problem?
Mine is doing the same but with the Cyan. I've made the adjustments
as well but its still doing it.



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If you can't fix the problem by making adjustments in user mode, you may have to make head adjustments in service mode. (Horizontal, bi-directional default, etc.) You need the service mode code to get to these adjustments. If your machine is still under warranty, contact your Roland service Dept.