Liquid Laminate?

Was just skimming through the Signs and Digital Graphics Magazine here and was reading an article about doing wraps. In the article the guy mentions that he likes to use liquid laminate on wraps because of the cheaper cost.
We don't do wraps here, have done a few partials but I thought using a liquid laminate was a No-No for wraps.
Anyone here have any thoughts on this or does anyone use liquid lam instead of film lam?
Just curious.


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We do not do liquid lam either but I have seen it used on the sides of RVs and buses. I spoke with a client who purchased it for his buses. It it sounds like it does not last as well as lamination. The sides get streaky and the fronts last longer even though they receive harsher exposure. He mentioned several fights with his suplier about the PH of the water in the car washes.