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Liquid Wrap material


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Just had a customer want to know the type of wrap material we use, liquid or a film. o_O

Here is what they sent for reference.


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I would say........ Plasti-dip (with a better name) and some UV protectant on top. Ask the customer for the video of a removal. That would be interesting to see.


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I don't see the point. The time it took to mask... Apply the special liquid letting it sit for xx minutes... Then spraying... I could be done wrapping two roofs.

Only.benefit I could see is if you have a tricky antenna that requires Removing half the vehicle interior to get to.


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I use this stuff for emblems and rims, sometimes oddball small stuff I don't want to wrap. It holds up decently well and lays on smoothly, even for a novice sprayer like me.
It only comes off well if you add enough coats, otherwise don't bother.

Christian @ 2CT Media

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That may not be plasti-dip... that could be autoflex. AutoFlex is a rubberized semi-hardened paint that can be sliced and peeled away when you want to remove it.