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Long time Lurker, 1st time poster..


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Hello All,

My name is Steve and I reside in Lansing Michigan. I work full time in the Fire & Security detection business. I have to admit I have been lurking for several months reading and taking in lots of info. I got into the promotional products and printing with the purchase of a pad printer in 1998. Currently I am a advertising specialties distributor. I am currently learning screen printing and building an exposure unit and press. So far, lot's of fun.. I would like to also do embroidery and sign fabrication. I appreciate this board and the wealth of information it provides through it's members.

Fred Weiss

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Hi Steve .... we're glad you'e come out of the shadows and hope to see lots of posts in the future from you. :thumb:


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Hello Steve,

Thanks for joining. Congratulations in advance to the Wolverines for defeating my Purdue Boilers this weekend. :Big Laugh
Purdue finds a way to lose the big ones and hey, why not serve one up to you guys on our turf this Sat.

Keep posting.



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Hi Steve. Look forward to hearing more about screen printing when your up and running.



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Thanks all for the replies. as you can see I figured out how to upload a pic..

DENNIS and DCCAS hello. Great a few people from Michigan here.

Hello IDSIGN.. I am a MSU fan.. Biggest game of the year the 30th. Michigan V Michigan State. Always a great game.

GEB.. I will be posting some of my screen printing pictures. I am going old school, building my exposure unit, press, etc myself. Not really to save money (though it helps) but for the experience and enjoyment of the build. Building your own equipment for production is not always the way to go. Should be fun. Well see how much hair I lose in the learning curve.

FRED.. Thanks for the welcome. This is a great board. I will try to recipricate more..

Thanks again,

Steve B.