Looking at cutter chioces


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I wasn't sure exactly where to put this so if it is in the wrong place I do apoligise.

I haven't had any luck finding an affordable roland 24" cutter so I have been looking at the cheaper cutters just to get my feet wet. I have read up on the pccut and from their forum it doesn't look to be to bad of a machine. Any thoughts on this? Or suggestions on another machine.
I really want to find a Roland but I am still limited on the funds to go much over $500.00. (holidays killed my toy spending lol)

I alread picked up sign lab 7, also have corel and adobe. I kinda put the horse before the cart on that one :Oops:


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You know..actually..learning the software first is a great idea..andBTW..welcome from BC..and to S101..
I have been using a P-Cut 24 inch machine for about 4 years now..It's working for me..I understand that others have had ..err..some difficulty..the long tracking is an issue..Good luck..