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looking at HP DesignJet 130nr


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i found a good deal on one of these. do you guys know if i can use corel draw with this machine. and what do you think of it? i have a 1.3Ghz pc, 256ram do you think my pc is capable of using this machine? thanks, im going to look at it tomorrow

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DesignJet What? I think your computer will feed the printer but HOW you feed it will be the problem through a network connection or a parallel printer cable............You'll most likely need some RIP software to run it also.........
This machine that you mention is a wide-format "desktop", that uses dye-based inks. Not what we think you would be looking for.

First you are looking at plotters. Now you are jumping from a plotter to a printer......????? Okay Lucy, 'splain something to us. What are you trying to accomplish? What is it that you want to be able to produce? Lastly, do you have any resources to try and pull any of this off? The reason for the last question is that you need three main components: 1. Equipment 2. Software 3. Minimal supplies.

Those three questions are important because there are many different directions that a person can go in the sign business. Many people buy lots of equipment that either ends up being junk from the get-go, or something that is just utterly useless.


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i want to make banners, signs, decals, and graphics out of vinyl. i have corel draw, vinyl, tools, and a room that i can set-up in. what is RIP software? this thing can cut vinyl right? thanks for your help.
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To my knowledge, HP doesn't make anything that can cut vinyl. You may have read an ad that referred to this machine as a plotter. "Plotter" is a generic term that can mean "printer" or "vinyl cutter". HP makes printers. If the ad mentioned a cutter, it most likely meant that the printer has a blade that will automatically cut a printed graphic off of a roll. I think you want a vinyl cutter, so this machine is not what you're looking for.