Looking for 3M Screen Printing Ink


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I'm in desperate need of translucent screen printing ink.
I need 3M 880I series for reflective white sheeting.
The orange# is 886I
Any advice on who might have stock on it would be appreciated.
Canada is preferred, but U.S. will also work.

Thanks for reading!


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Does 3m not have stock?

I think I saw three tubs in our paint room while I was looking for 882 today. I don't normally do screen printing, so I'm not 100% sure.

I'm heading in tomorrow to do some work, If you can't find it elsewhere and want to pay shipping from Vancouver I can let one go for cost + shipping if it was 886.

My emails Brandon@astrographic.com if you want me to get a shipping quote for you.

[Edit] just checked and it's made to order. Maybe that's why we have 3 cans.... One month wait! I can part with one or two if it was indeed 886 I saw. I'll update tomorrow
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