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Need Help Looking for 6' x 12' aluminum sheet.


I sell signage and signage accessories.
Looking for 6' x 12' aluminum sheet, either 0.040" or 0.063" thickness.
I think I've called everyone in FL, we'd accept motor freight if someone actually has it.

Story goes - customer needed a 68" diameter circle, and asked for it 2 months ago. We actually DID find a supplier for it, had it quoted and everything... 0.040" sheet, 6' x 12', for $460. Quoted the job using a phone quote and noted the company.

Customer took 2 months.

Called supplier and they say they no longer carry the product we need and have no record of the phone call. Great.


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have you called metal suppliers?
sign supplies will not have a size like that in sheet stock

Why out of metal?
if all you are making is a circle, get some roll stock (polycarb) as that comes in the needed size and cut it to the circle
make it out of scrim material for easier transport, then unroll and lay flat on the ground or whatever surface is going on


I sell signage and signage accessories.
Never even tried a sign supplier lol

I know they wouldn't have em.

Here's some news, from one of my last calls of the day... and the reason I couldn't get a quoted product 2 months on.

Turns out all overseas interests are stopping shipments of all outsized metal products due to the tariffs. SO Our guy may have had that 72" 2 months ago, but everything bigger is getting knocked out.

PS ACM is now up to 67 a sheet... MDO is cheaper for now.


I sell signage and signage accessories.
Eastern doesn't have it. We usually try them first on outsized stuff.


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You guys pay $67 for a sheet of acm In USA?! I'm paying about $55 Canadian)$41 usd) per sheet in Canada.
Check the thickness of the aluminum on ACM. House brands use thin stuff--it works, but it's not nearly as strong as the thicker aluminum faces (if that's important to you).


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We just had a price increase, we pay $35/sheet now, we were paying $31.75.
That sounds more reasonable. Everything costs more in Canada. Canada complains about tarrifs but we probably have the most tarrifs than any other country...

Even Canadian products... Made down the street? Cheaper to spend an hour and waste gas to cross the border and buy it in USA.

I get that there's more buying power in numbers... But i could never understand why products made down the street cost more here, than in another country.