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Question Looking for a double sided Poly material for printing with EcoSolvent Printer

Nick King

New Member
Hi, I have been trying to do a double sided print on Poly. I got a sample of a roll, and I was told I could print on both sides. When I tried, the one side worked perfect, but on the opposite side, the ink would not dry, and looked funky. Does anybody have an suggestions on a product that would work, or how I can use the product I already have?


Nick King
King Graphics
St. Petersburg, FL


Active Member
They make double sided banner materials which have a blockout layer between the sides. It can be made to work, but my advice is to run as far away from any double sided banner job as you can get. You'll waste a lot of time and material and patience.


New Member
what is Poly? polypropylene banner? i think its too thin for double sided. image from one side will show on second side.
print two and marry them?
or you can get:
ultraflexx smooth 15oz PET banner with blockout
duratex 12oz smooth double sided PVC banner