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Looking for a font with these #'s in this style


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Hi all, I am looking for names of both free and if I have to buy purchase fonts for these #'s. Its easy to look for letters, but when looking for #'s no one has #'s listed only letters. it looks like a Seagrams 7 font style - Any and all help appreciated Thank you in adavance


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Fred Weiss

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It comes from one of the many versions out there of the Bodoni family of fonts. It has definitely been stepped on (modified). The attachment is not the font but it shows the similarity. It is Bodoni Old Face Bold Italic.

Every major foundry has at least one Bodoni family. Some have several. Without an unmodified sample, I can't narrow it down anymore than this.


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doing race cars...for years...and doin them in paint...you run across this alot what fred calls "steping on it". every painter had a certain style and he would modify it from time to time just for the fun of it. most of your old logotypes SEGRAM 7 for instance was designed long before computer and was done by hand drawing to begin with. iam with fred also here BODINI was its begining..and "steped on" by some talented artist for major effect. i still do this with race car numbers...NOBODY CAN redo my numbers...i take a font print it and then with tracing paper i play with it till i get what i think is a individual number....NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE IT... ...


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If it were a typeface it would be Raphael. That's what it's called in our collection. Skewed a few degrees horizontally.

It may be handcrafted and therefore be no typeface at all, just some signwriter's hand.

Note the proper term is typeface, not font. A font is a specific iteration of a typeface of designated height, width, weight, and slant. A typeface is a specific complelely defined style, not a particulal incarnation of that style.

Knowing the nomenclature is half of all wisdom.

Thus endeth the lesson.