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Hey everyone, first time posting here but I've been reading a bunch of older threads about different topics. So thank you to everyone for helping me without knowing haha

We just got some new machines in and I'm still getting the hang of them. We got the Roland XR-640 with WhMT options. Before you say it's a waste of money to have this option as I've read in a lot of threads, we'll actually use it a lot as we print sports helmet decals and will need to print on clear media and have requests for specialty metallic finishes.

With all of that said, we're looking to get our metallic colors dialed in here and the options from the XR-640 with metallic inks printed on gloss white vinyl just aren't cutting it for what we need. Attached is an image of what we had created in the past from our previous supplier (outsourced and they used a mix of large format printers, Gerber Edge and screen printing). We've seen a competitor create a similar look, with their Roland VersaCAMM VS-540i. I know thats what they use because they've shared enough images of the machine printing orders I was able to piece it all together. I don't expect mirror finish but the dull metallic effect from the ink isn't going to fly with our customers.

So my question is, does anyone have recommendations for the best material to use to get these results? I've been looking at 3M IJ180-MC-120 but I can't get a small sample to test it out and I'm not ready to spend $600 on the roll to find out it doesn't do what we're looking for.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Our previous decals


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Try substance incorporated. They will send sample rolls to you. Who you are buying your media from should be able to get you a sample roll. The other option I have used is find a whole sale printer and order a piece just blank

Justin Lappen

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Another option would be to start with a metallic base:

I've seen the metallic prints off the Rolands, they definitely don't scream "metallic" to me.

Since you also have the white option, you could probably create some awesome effects using the metallic vinyl.

Good luck!

Thank you! We're getting a sample of this today. I'll start messing with this next week hopefully and let you know how it works.