Looking for a quote on print on flexible semi-rigid substrate


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I am quoting a project that requires me to build a large cylinder (actually the shape of a popcorn bucket) that will have a print wrapping around the whole thing. The height of the bucket is approx 6-7' tall. We have pretty much figured out the construction of the inner framework etc. but I am having trouble finding a quote on the material I have in mind.

What I need is a material (perhaps just a thick laminate for the graphic) that is 1/8" thick approximately, maybe thicker, that could be used for the outer wall/shell of this bucket. It needs to be somewhat weather-proof, as it will likely see the outdoor elements on occasion, but will not be permanently left outdoors. I want something that will hold it's shape well, yet could be rolled up for portability. I would like to use as few panels for this shell as possible, ideally 2 or 3 max. so pieces would be an irregular shape.

Any ideas or suggestions? Anyone here that could produce this for me, please send me a PM, I need a quote asap. Thanks!