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Looking for a used plotter


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Hi everyone, I love reading through this forum. It reminds me why I love making signs and custom painting. I used to own a custom painting and sign shop. I really enjoy custom painting motorcycles. After a bike accident I had to give it all up and now that I am back on both feet, I'd like to get back into it again. I am looking for a used plotter and softwear. I used to have a Ioline 88 and ran it with signlab, but I don't have the funds to go that way again. I thought about buying a off brand, but I'm not sure of them. Any news would be helpfull! Thanks Randy from Ohio


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I have a 30" vinyl express with software I'll sell. PM me if interested. I'm in Ohio also.



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I have two Graphtecs in perfect condition....will sell at a very low price.

One is a 24 inch model and the other one is a 30 inch model. Take your pick.